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With school districts being so cash-strapped, I recognize that it is not always easy to justify bringing in an author to speak. But author visits are exciting ways to get kids pumped up about reading and writing. With schools under pressure to perform and devote so much classroom time to assessments, I have put together talks and workshops that focus on the fundamentals of writing, reading, and literacy:

  • Helping students use more descriptive and specific language
  • Basic elements of a story
  • Understanding point of view and storytelling
  • How to open with a bang and tools for getting started 
  • Writing prompts that lead to deeper connections
  • Research and how it can add color to creative writing
  • Outlining and building the skeleton of a story

I also do writing workshops with students to tackle assessment preparation as well, developing approaches to expository writing and personal narratives through emphasis on structural organization, effective idea development, and precise word choice.

For kindergarten to second grade, I present on the basics of storytelling and how ideas turn into books, sharing examples from my own books and writing life.

Third and fourth grades participate with me in discussions around creative writing, from finding ideas to the basics of story structure to choosing just the right words. My emphasis is on developing a love of reading, and I feature a game-show style contest around book summaries.

For fifth- through eighth-graders, I get into the specifics of researching stories, the Six Traits, as well as the Three Rs of Writing – reading, revising, and the biggie, resilience.

And to demonstrate resilience, I have students help me with The Scroll of Doom, a 65-foot long roll of laminated rejection letters I accumulated over the years. I heard quite a few "no's" before landing that first book contract! And this is a physical demonstration around the concepts of perseverance and resilience. 

For classrooms that have read my books,
I offer a FREE 20-minute Q&A via Skype!

"Kate Hannigan’s visit to our school was amazing. Our students were engaged and excited. They loved learning about the elevator-pitch summaries and playing the game of guessing which book the sentence was about. One student remarked, "I know that you have to keep trying to be an author." The Scroll of Doom really impressed upon our students the need to persevere. Her visit was a wonderful experience for all of our students PreK through 6th."  
– Marcia Denny, Library Media Specialist
Grissom Elementary School, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Kate Hannigan was a joy to have at our school. Her experience and stories about writing and reading were relevant and easy for students to connect to. Her use of props, books, interactive game show and 'Scroll of Doom' kept students engaged and interested! Her love for writing is shared throughout her presentation as she instills that same love in students she presents to."
– Terri Freyou, Librarian
Pinkerton Elementary School, Coppell, Texas


The nuts-and-bolts of my school presentation are:

    • sessions run about 45 minutes with a 10-minute Q&A at the end
    • visits can range from one-hour to full-day
    • presentations can be tailored to fit a teacher's specific needs


Contact me 

Please contact me to set up a school visit or to find out about scheduling, rates, and programming requests. Fees are always negotiable and depend upon a variety of factors (travel, preparation, etc.). Partnering with schools or bookstores can help reduce school-visit costs and reach more students. Send me an email at Kate @

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