Are women not worth the same as men? Belva Lockwood spent her whole life asking that question. She had big dreams and didn't let anyone stand in her way—not her father, her law school, or even the U.S. Supreme Court. She fought for equality for women in the classroom, in the courtroom, and in politics. In her quest for fairness and parity, Lockwood ran for President of the United States, becoming the first woman on the ballot. 

Publishing on the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination comes Kate's historical fiction for middle-grade, The Detective's Assistant (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers). Set in Chicago just before the Civil War, it is based on a real American heroine: the nation's first female detective, Kate Warne. Along with her niece, Nell, they set off on hair-raising adventures solving crimes and thwarting danger.

Meet Willow Sweeney and Delia Dees, cousins who are embarking on their annual summer vacation together to the sleepy beach town of Saugatuck, Michigan, and the old Victorian house called Whispering Pines. Willow and Delia love gathering with the aunts and uncles, grandparents and kids (plus an enormous dog) all together for one fantastic week every August. But this year is special. Aunt Rosie is getting married, and she's asked Willow and Delia to be her flower girls.

But who ever heard of fourth-grade flower girls? Willow and Delia want to avoid those babyish pink dresses at all costs. 

It's summertime, and the Bumpus family is growing. Aunt Rosie and Uncle Jonathan are expecting, and the entire family gathers together at Whispering Pines for a baby shower. But with Willow's injured hand and big sisters pushing their way into the kitchen, it looks like Delia and Willow might have to surrender their aprons.

Cat and Mr. Henry have set the date for their wedding—Christmas Day! Cousins Willow and Delia are excited to be junior bridesmaids at last, but when a record-breaking Christmas Eve blizzard leaves the whole town stranded, the girls have more to worry about than their wedding duties!

The Good Fun! Book (Blue Marlin, 2010) offers 12 months of parties kids can throw to help their communities and the world. From planting flowers at a local daycare center to organizing care kits after a major disaster like a tornado or earthquake, there are ways kids can get involved – and have fun doing it.